Is Pega Robotics/ PEGA PRPC supporting ICR (Ink Character Recognition) functionality

We are using Pega Robotics (Openspan) as integration tool using Abbyy OCR

We are able to get data from scanned PDF/ JPG/ TIF but not able to get data from a Field which is hand written in PDF.

We are trying all the methods using OCR, but the output is not accurate(30-60%) while reading a Hand Written Document.

If any one tried, wanted to know the ICR capabilities using Pega Robotics in order to achieve reading all kinds of ICR documents.

As far as we know PEGA includes OCR Screen features with ABBY Fine Reader and ABBY has ICR functionalities . Is there any other way that we can try by integrating Abbyy ICR with PEGA PRPC and expose the service to Robotic Studio.

Need guidance and confirmation on how this implementation can be possible using PEGA ROBOTICS or PEGA PRPC


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June 11, 2019 - 12:24pm

The OCR component is not guaranteed to work with handwritten text. Unfortunately, it was not designed to work with handwritten text. The component was originally designed for printed documents that are scanned (rather than written text). ICR is a license add on and not part of the default feature set of ABBY Fine Reader and hence as of now ICR functionality is not available from Pega Robotics.

Further explanation can be found on ABBYY's KB Articles -