Pega Robot Runtime not able to load package

I have a question in regard to Robotics Runtime - have an issue with that...
I have a project in Robot Studio (19.1), deployed it locally, then moved the whole deployment folder to another machine with Robot Runtime. I modified the runtimeconfig.xml, pointing the StartupProject to the .OpenSpan file from within the Debug folder, and then I open the PRR. I get an error similar to the one on the screenshot. Any ideas what may be wrong? Thank you!


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December 6, 2019 - 10:53am

You may have configured Runtime to connect to Pega Robot Manager. Check to see if it is enabled in your CommonConfig.xml. By default, this is located in %ProgramData%\Pegasystems.

Incidentally; if you are not using Robot Manager to deploy, then you'll need to deploy the package from Studio. That will create a .OpenSpan and a .Manifest file for each project configuration. Those two files are collectvely the deployment package. That's all that Runtime should point to (the .OpenSpan file) in the StartupProject key. You can also use a CommandLine to start it; ...Runtime.exe Project="....OpenSpan"

December 9, 2019 - 4:43pm

In order for this scenario to work you must set the AllowRunWithNoPackage setting in the RuntimeConfig to true. We will be making a fix so this won't be necessary in the near future.