Pega Requirements Portal Not Displaying Correctly


I am trying to use the Requirements Portal which is part of the Pega Customer Service for Finance application, version 8.2 and I have issues with the way the portal is displayed. The left pane overlaps the main area and blocks the view of the main area on the left. I have attached a screen shot.

I have tried to launch the requirements portal with the latest version of Chrome and IE and also zoomed in and out and I still see the same issue.

Any insights are appreciated.


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September 16, 2019 - 10:46pm


Apologies, as I could not understand from your description whether you are seeing this issue in both Chrome and IE or is this specifically in IE?


September 30, 2019 - 6:25am

Hi Edward, 

I have checked in one of my server.
Can you paste this code in userworkform and check?

.harnessBodyNoHead .content.layout-content-inline  content-inline.home-header-main .content-item.content-sub_section.item-2{