Pega Platform 7.X Critical Hot Fixes

Pega has identified the following hot fixes as critical for ensuring a productive and secure development experience on our Pega Platform 7.X releases. If you are developing applications on any of the release versions listed below, we strongly encourage you to verify the corresponding hot fixes are installed in your environments and, if not, then submit a hot fix request in My Support Portal to receive the necessary download files for installation.

Pega Platform 7.3

Pega Platform 7.2.2

Pega Platform 7.2.1

Pega Platform 7.2

Pega Platform 7.1.9

Pega Platform 7.1.8

Pega Platform 7.1.7

Pega Platform 7.1.6

Pega Platform 7.1.5


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December 3, 2019 - 11:49am


In either prpcServiceUtils or Pega Designer Studio HotFix Scan there is no status for critical hotFixes and we need to get this information to be sure we do not miss criticals.

So can I rely on this URL to build a robot script ?

I mean will this URL always be  keeped uptodate and always in the same html code source format (with UL tags for versions and LI tags for hotfixes or something I can  retrieve) so that I am sure to retrieve the informations on critical hotfixes ?

If not how can we open a request to get a such a link or/and a feature in hotfix scan so it provide a status critical on critical hotfixes ?

I am using Pega 7.2.2


December 3, 2019 - 12:48pm

Hi MichaudP,

If you perform a hotfix scan on a regular basis (updating the catalog each time), you will be advised of critical missing hotfixes.  See the following articles for more details:  https://community.pega.com/knowledgebase/release-note/identify-install-and-manage-hotfixes-hotfix-manager

Latest catalog file can be obtained here:


December 4, 2019 - 5:09am
Response to Br@dTainter_GCS


Thank you for your answer but could you provide me some more precisions :

In fact I have seen in my PEGA Designer Studio the status "Critical HotFix Missing" = 0 which is good.
But I am running the hotfix scan (prpcServiceUtils.sh command line) every morning and it does not show the critical hotfix missing status.

So I wonder where this status could be in the result when there is a critical hotfix missing :
I suppose it should be in the result zip file in the file named like : "Hotfix_20191204T090325.322 GMT.csv"
The questions are now :
- in which column ("pxHotfixState","Hotfix Status","pxInstallStatus" ?) : I suppose this should be in "pxHotfixState" (where there is also Commited or Uncommited status) ?
- and what is the exact text shown in the status column saying that there is a critical hotfix missing (I need that to build a daily report) ?
- in more details what are all the status texts that I could find in the "pxHotfixState" column ?

and one last remark : in the hotfix scan I made today I cannot find the "HFIX-33318" (7.2.2) you provided as critical in this post, have you some explanation on that ?