Pega Mobile Connect to SunMI Printer Service

Hi I have an requirement to connect to SunMI Printer Service.

this is the documentation on sunmi printer service.

can someone tell and guide me how do i achieve this through pega custom mobile?

in the document, it says i need to add aidl files to the projects. how do i achieve this ?


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August 16, 2019 - 12:23pm

Hi Febry,

Custom modules for the Pega Mobile Client can be built and added to an asset bundle within Pega.  See

Once done, the printer service will get bundled into the Pega Mobile Client, and you will be able to invoke it through it's JavaScript bridge API via a Run Script action on a control within Pega.

I hope this is enough, but if not, please feel free to keep reaching out.

- James