Pega Marketing Installation Automation: How to automate creation of ExternalMKTData database in Pega Platform

Hi Guys,

We have automated installation of Pega Marketing to the extent that after Pega Platform installation, Administrator Password and creation of ExternalMKTData database under Records> Database, we are able to run a script which will bring up prpcUtils and import the marketing releavant archives (, etc.). And run and Grant statements needed for Pega Marketing.

But as you can understand, we want to fully automate installation of Pega Platform which means we need to automate the Administrator password change and ExternalMKTData creation as well.

Any idea how these can be automated? Can we import these settings from any lower environments and import them as part of the Pega Marketing Installation?

Any help will be very much appreciated!




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September 19, 2019 - 8:25am


Have you check the concept of deployment manager through which you can do that.