Pega Call integration with two different CTI


we have a customer interested to integrate Pega Call with two different CTI (they belong to two different areas of the company), in order to establish business rules that allow the routing of the calls and chat between the different operators that are using respectively the two CTI.

Is it possible to have two different integration with more then 1 CTI and create specific business rules (for example in base of the skills of the operators) that allow the routing of the case, and the routing of the conversation, between them?

Thanks a lot for your precious advices .

Adriano M

Adriano M

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June 11, 2019 - 2:02am

Hello Adriano,

Thanks for posting the query.

Are you looking for the integration between the two CTI servers (Let's say if Avaya and Cisco are being used at your end, are you looking for call transfer between these two vendors)? 

Please confirm.