Pega BIX snapshot table model


Can some one share the help link/ explain how to implement BIX Periodic snapshot table model?

As the BIX does only inserts, how does BIX maintain effective date and expiration dates with Periodic snapshot?

Periodic snapshot table

  • Versions of BIX prior to 7.1 can create periodic snapshots by extracting all instances for a class each time a scheduled extract is performed, but this can be very expensive and time-consuming for applications with large numbers of class instances.
  • BIX 7.1 offers a more efficient way to extract and store snapshots of the data. Instead of having a separate record for each period, each record written has both an effective date (the date and time for the BIX extract run in which the record was written) and an expiration date (the date and time for the next BIX run in which the same object was extracted). With an effective date and expiration date on each record, it is easy to write queries that return the valid data for a set of objects at any point in time, or at multiple points in time for use in change reports.

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The link provided doesn't contain any article.



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I have replaced the broken link . This should help in providing troubleshooting steps.


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