Pega 8.1 clipboard Thread page name different

For Pega Customer service application, in the Interaction Portal, for an Interaction case created, the clipboard thread page is correctly shows as I-xxx.

However, for a service case launched within this interaction, the clipboard thread page is named as PS1_TABTHREAD/microdc_1. For 2nd work item it's PS1_TABTHREAD/microdc_2 and so on. Sometimes the name starts with PS2_TABTHREAD/... for service case.

In Pega 7.x, the thread names were the service case numbers itself like S-113, S-115, ..

Is this a change by design or a bug in Pega 8.1?

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January 10, 2019 - 6:05am

This is a design change introduced in Customer Service 8.1 as part of Ajax Container adoption.

Ajax Container rendering happens in multi-doc fashion, where multi AC documents are rendered within same AC container. Though there are multiple AC documents in the AC container, at any point only AC will be active(shown) similar to current tab-less multi-doc framed DC (CaseManager). When a same AC action is triggered again, instead of rendering a new AC document again, existing AC document in the DOM will be activated. This provides the benefit of AC documents caching, avoiding unnecessary http requests providing better & faster user experience. Currently, only one (multi-doc) AC in a document is supported.

Ajax Container documents are processed on threads which are child-threads of the parent thread. When a user is on a document / tab which is being processed with thread TABTHREAD0, all AC actions within that document will be processed on TABTHREAD0/microdc_[index] threadnames. (For e.g; TABTHREAD0/microdc_0, TABTHREAD0/microdc_1 ...). Associating AC threads with the parent thread helps in cleaning-up resources (at server-side) in a convenient way.

When a user is on a document / tab which is being processed with thread TABTHREAD0, any AC actions within that document will be processed with TABTHREAD0/microdc_[index] threadnames. Here "index" is the index of the AC document rendered in the AC container.


First AC action will be processed on TABTHREAD0/microdc_0 threadname

Second AC action will be processed on TABTHREAD0/microdc_1 threadname

Third AC action will be processed on TABTHREAD0/microdc_2 threadname,

... so on and so forth

October 7, 2019 - 8:47pm

Can I share a thread level page on the parent thread with the child thread for data exchange?

October 8, 2019 - 10:59am
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