Pega 7.4 Upgrade from 7.1.5 in different regions


Our application was in 7.1 Split Schema. Lets have the schema name as 71_Rules, 71_Data.

In Dev we upgraded to 7.4 using upgrade scripts to new schemas 74_Rules, 74_Data.

For QA this was what I did.

Moved 74_Rules from Dev to QA. Moved 71_Data from QA to 74_Data QA.

Then ran Upgrade --dataonly, the script fails for many tables to be created.

Whats the smart way to do this? Or running all upgrade scripts in different regions is the only option?

If I run upgrade scripts in different regions, I have to move the upgrade fix as Jar seperately. Pls guide

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August 16, 2019 - 9:36am

You can migrate the upgraded rules from one region to the other like you were trying to do.

Instead of using db copy of the rules schema to the higher environment you could use the migrate script.  You can essentially migrate the upgraded rules to your new rules schema in higher environment and also setup the connections between the new rules schema and the data schema in the higher environment.

Then you need to do the data schema upgrade step which will involve generating and applying the ddl changes needed for the data schema and upgrading the data schema.

There should be an appendix in the deployment guide that discusses this type of an upgrade.


August 19, 2019 - 3:08am
Response to CelesteDufresne_GCS

Thanks Celeste. for your response. So when you say migrate rules schema from one region to another, you mean run the migrate script ? So since this will be 2 different DBs we will need Ids which has access to both these DBs? Since rules are upgraded, why cant a simple schema copy work?

Yes, the deployment guide have instructions to perform upgrade with 2 databases, I think you are referring that. Does that work for different environment?

And for QA, running data only upgrade on data schema gave lot of missing table and missing column errors. We had to recreate the tables and add columns to run the data only upgrade.