On Pega 7.3.1 Trigger build on merge is not happening

On Pega 7.3.1 Trigger build on merge is not happening, I have configured RMURL and HostedRulesetsList correcty. and sharing same node for both Dev and RM. Any Suggestions?


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July 12, 2018 - 12:39pm

Are you using the 'Publish to repository' option in the Branch Explorer?

  1. Open Application Explorer
  2. Click on the Branches tab
  3. Right-click on your branch and select ‘Publish to repository’

The repository you use for publishing the branch should be a Pega repository and the Authentication Profile used should have your application.

Also, when you view the XML for the DATA-PIPELINE-CONFIGURATION instance, do you see pyStartBuildOnBranchMerge set to true?
I found a bug item in our system where editing the pipeline to change the 'Trigger build on merge' property did not update the pyStartBuildOnBranchMerge value. This has been fixed in 7.4. This would only apply if you had initially created the pipeline without the option checked.

July 14, 2018 - 12:16pm
Response to CarissaW_GCS

Hi Carissa, Yes I have tried publishing branch to pega repository, but getting following error message - Branch was successfully published. CICD was unable to kick off a pipeline on the orchestration server.

Yes I checked the XML view of the DATA-PIPELINE-CONFIGURATION instance and pyStartBuildOnBranchMerge  is set to true!


August 7, 2019 - 9:50am

Instructions for this can be found here :

However the latest release of Deployment Manager if much more capable with respect to branch merges :

Lastly here are some best practices with respect to working in branches with Deployment Manager: