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We are having issues with generated PDFs being too large.

The PDF form itself is only kilobytes in size. We believe that with the additional data added from the user, the form (with the added information) should not add up to megabytes of data.

After exploring the Pega Support Community, we came across a potential solution of using the parameter “Perform Field Flattening” in a ConcatenateEForms activity to condense our PDFs. When we set that parameter to run true, the PDFs were indeed smaller, but the size change seemed rather small. For example, when the parameter is set to false, the size was 16,014kb. With the parameter set to true, the file size was 15,761kb. As you can see, the file size was indeed smaller, but still quite large in general.

Are there any other ways to decrease the file size of the generated PDF?

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May 22, 2019 - 4:38pm


It sounds like you're using eForm rules to generate your PDFs. A few thoughts on things you might be able to check:

  • How large is the eForm file rule for your PDF template before data is entered?
  • How many fields are being mapped into the eForm.
  • What kind of data is being included in the mapped fields?  Are there any encoded images being included, etc?

Reviewing those items might help you to determine what elements are responsible for the large size, and help you in figuring out how to decrease it.

Hope this helps!


June 5, 2019 - 8:38am

Any other experience with Perform Field Flattening parameter?