Paged reports are missing the option to export ALL records at once

When a paged report is shown with for example a lot of pages, the option "Export page to Excel" is not user friendly when a download of ALL the records is required. This means that a user must og through every page in order to save the results. Then, all the exported pages must be merged to one Excel in order to work with the results.

This goes specially for Pega build reports in wizards like Copy/Merge Ruleset.

In the example of Copy/Merge Ruleset, on the result page "Rule Maintenance" are two reports available:
1 - Click here to view list of Conflict Rules
2 - Click here to view list of Processed Rules

The first report is a paged report but the second report is not paged. First of all, why??? Second, If there are a lot of conflicts and these must be handled, a lot of work must be done in order to save these results into usable reports.

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September 11, 2019 - 1:33pm

How many records are your users looking at here in the report definition?  Loading all the records into the user's browser, so that they can be then exported to excel locally, could create a significant performance problem.

A scheduled report, or using BIX to extract to a CSV may fit your use case more, especially if this is a periodic report that your users do work on, or similar use cases.