Not able to get the event data in callback activity after subscribing to channel.

I have configured one notification channel and publishing an event through that channel. I have subscribed to that channel on my portal.

After raising the event through publish-notification, event is getting triggered and my callback activities getting trigger on my portal but i am not able to see the Event object raised to fetch the details back from it to be used on my portal.

I didn't found any documentation about it too, so can you please help me in knowing the functionality at subscriber end that where this event object is getting stored.

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September 11, 2019 - 5:15am

Utkarsh, it is not expected for notification to carry business data all the way to client although it is possible. Whatever data the notification carry is used for filtering purpose at client so that your subscriber activity doesn't get called every time an event occurs.

If you want to fetch details you should do so by means of section refresh and data transforms. For instance, on your 'Subscribe' setting you can specify channel and in 'Callback' you can Refresh the section. Before firing Notofication, you can save the information to database so that Section refresh fetches latest data.



September 21, 2019 - 5:57am
Response to Vikas@Multichannel

Hi Vikas,

Thanks for the response and information. 

But still, it's not making much sense because notification channel asks for the properties to be stored inside event object before publishing the event and if we can store the details in it, then there should be some mechanism to get them back at the client too.

For Eg - If I just want to publish one value to the client, then I don't think it makes much of a sense to bring DB table in between to store on the host side and retrieve data at the client end. I should be able to transfer that data using event object only. 

It will be great if you can provide some thought on this and let me know whether my thought process is going in the correct direction or not.