Not able to catch exceptions returned by data flow

I am calling a strategy inside a data flow. The data flow is called by a process flow. The process flow is in turn called by a service activity.

I simulated a divide by zero exception in the strategy and when I ran the service, I saw that the step failure vanishes after the data flow run ends. The last activity with the fail status is pzRunDecisionDataFlow. The tracer screenshot is attached. After the data flow run ends I am calling a data transform in the process flow. By this time the failure in the step status vanishes.

My question is, if the strategy encounters some unhandled exception how do I catch the exception in the process flow?


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September 17, 2019 - 1:30am

Hi Team,

I could even see the issue at my end can you let me know if you see the same error so that we can verify and provide you proper solution on that.



September 19, 2019 - 5:10am


The error is propagated as an exception to pzRunDecisionDataFlow activity. We should catch this exception and add an error message to the work page like I made a quick change in the system you have provided.


But I am not sure if it is required to send the errors back to case during run time as the DF results no offers if there are issues and this shape is not part of any assignment/flow action/harness() instead it’s an advanced shape like an utility shape.



Thanks & Regards,