Non-Branching: Automated Unit Testing in PEGA 7.3.1 with Deployment Manager(02.01.03)


We are using Non-Branching mode with PEGA 7.3.1.

Do we have an option to do automated unit test via the pipeline(Deployment Manager) and based on result the pipeline progresses ahead?

Per my understanding PEGA 7.3.1 with Deployment Manager 02.01.03 does not support the auto uni test.

Please correct me?

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July 4, 2019 - 7:26am


Pega unit test task is supported in DM 02.01.03, you can refer Deployment Manager Relese Note article in Pega Community:

In 02.01.03 you can configure email notification for PegaUnit Test task, from DM 03.02.01 onwards you have ability to specify the test suit ID and the accessgroup for PegaUnit test tasks.