Need a Moderator?

Do you know who your moderators are? If not, Brendan wrote this amazing post you should check out!

Now that you know who we are, you might be wondering what we do and what we’re here for, read on to find out more about us, moderators, and how we can help you on PSC!

What Do the Moderators Do?

As moderators, we have many functionalities that you might not even be aware of. Here are a few:

  • We keep track of your questions that have not received a reply and reach out to teams and individuals inside Pega, to help you.
  • If you haven’t marked your post with a Correct Answer, we reach out to you to ensure you have received your answer or to check if you still need help.
  • We check your posts to make sure you aren’t accidentally sharing any proprietary information. (See my post on privacy.)
  • We add group tags to your posts to give them more visibility that help you receive the right response.
  • We write blog posts to help you with features in the Pega Support Community and Pega Product Support.
  • We set up Ask the Expert sessions and run them so you have the opportunity to speak with Pega Experts on specific topics.
  • We submit enhancement requests on your behalf.
  • We make sure that if you’re requested to post in the PSC from an SR, that we tag your post with that SR number in order to link the work done in the SR to the PSC post. And the same if it was requested that you open an SR based on troubleshooting from your post. By connecting the SR and the PSC post, this helps the Engineers know the troubleshooting that was already done and therefore saves both of you time!

What Should I Contact the Moderators For?

Here are some scenarios where you should contact the Moderators:

  • If you still need assistance on a post after a few days of it being live. (We contact you at 7 days of no new replies/comments, but you can contact us after 3 days.)
  • If you need a post that you wrote or a reply to be deleted. (We hope to bring this functionality to you in the future).
  • If you feel that a post shared by another user has questionable content (IP addresses, login information, passwords, etc.).

How Do I Contact a Member of the Moderation Team?

You can contact the moderation team these two ways:

  • Send us a Private Message within the Pega Community.
    • Click this link to take you to your Messages Inbox (email not set up just yet)
    • Click the button WRITE NEW MESSAGE
    • In the To field enter our names – Lochan_DV, MarissaRogers, Vidyaranjan (with a comma in between our names)
    • Enter a Subject
    • Enter your Message
    • Click Send Message
  • Send us an external email to our Distribution List.

And that’s it! If you need us, we are here and happy to help!

***Edited by Moderator Marissa on 24 May 2018***

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February 23, 2017 - 5:28pm

How to see the trailing activity of a case in PEGA cards (Mainframe based). There is a case added in PEGA through batch and it got lost. I can see the status as IUNATTACH in message file. But how to resolve and look for the activities in PEGA for the lost case.