Need help setting up Pega Chat in PEGA 8.2.2


I am trying to set up Pega Chat in my project.

We are using cloud instance with PEGA 8.2.2 version. I am following the steps given in the implementation guide.

  1. Configuring Pega Customer Service for Insurance to use a chat server-->Configured the chat server using the server info given and the server configuration key got successfully verified.
  2. Configuring the content security policy-->changed to AllowPegaCollaborationServices.
  3. Configuring chat and messaging settings-->Completed.
  4. Implementing chat and messaging queues and operator skills-->Added skill to both queue & Operator.
  5. Configuring queue questionnaire for chat and messaging-->Configured default general questionnaire.
  6. Creating a self-service application-->Not required
  7. Implementing customized and localized chat system messages -->Not required

As mentioned above the steps were done. The issue i am facing is

1. The chat shows unavailable when i launched.

2.The questionnaire doesn't show up in the chat.

3. Not sure how to configure the queue mapping url

4. Also no information on how to configure the routing.

PS:I have made the operator available for the configured queue in portal.

If any one could help me figure out what i am missing here would be of great help, thanks :)

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September 8, 2019 - 11:30am


Please refer configuration in pega customer service implementation guide in attachment for 8.2. It will help you.

Thank you


September 8, 2019 - 8:50pm
Response to chandrasekhar_g

Thanks @chandrasekhar_g, But I think you missed the part in the post. All the configurations I did are from the implementation guide and if you go through the guide, it doesn't have the answers for the question i asked :(

September 9, 2019 - 10:20am
Response to IceDragon

Hi, starting with CS 8.2, all chats are front-ended by a chatbot, which allows the end user to escalate to a live agent if needed. This requires the Self-Service application to be created, along with a Chatbot that can be deployed on your site. 

I have some questions on your observations. Without having done the above and deploying the chatbot, how did you start the chat? Did you use the Chat JS snippet on a page? That approach does not work with 8.2 and later releases. One of the other changes that came in was that the chat routing has been moved into the Pega CS application. So, if you deploy chat with the snippet, that tries to use the older routing mechanism, which does not work with 8.2. 


September 9, 2019 - 11:03pm
Response to Amit_Patel

Hi @Amit_Patel

Thanks for the response, I knew Chatbots had the option to direct to live agent, but i didn't know that Chatbot is the only frontend chat after 8.2.

And yes, to test I used the snippet in a HTML file in my local which when launched would display the chat icon.

Yes all my Chat configurations were made in my CS application.

But lemme check configuring the last steps of Chatbot & Self-Service application and will get back to you by EOD.