Need to eliminate extra double quotes from BIX Extract.


We are having an issue with the extract rule (PEGA 8.2.2v) as when a double quote (") is present in the value for a property, this value when extracted in BIX is adding an extra double quote. Below is an example:

Actual property value : Aquacel Ag Foam External Pad 10"X12"
BIX extracted value : "Aquacel Ag Foam External Pad 10""X12"""

Has anyone experienced this earlier and any thoughts around this please.


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November 13, 2019 - 6:37am

Hi Parameshwar,

Thank you for raising the PSC post. I have replicated the issue. This looks like a BUG. Since you have already created a support request (SR-D60271). We can track the SR for the fix/work around. 


Waseem Khan