MSOparseexcelfile and picture

I am having problems generating an excel file. I use MSOparseexcelfile activity to generate an excel file. It must contain a picture in a strictly defined place. Here is my solution:
- Figure 1 shows an excel file template. Here I insert a picture into an excel file template.
- But in Figure 2, I see that the picture has shifted.
- Figure 3 shows the result that I would like to see.
I need to set up a template (or something else) so that the picture does not moves after the excel file is generated.I have no idea how to fix this. This example is simplified so as not to load unnecessary information. However, if this is important to someone, then instead of drawing a black letter should be placed the seal of the organization. The seal of the organization must be after the table.
I tried to write a macro in an excel file, but such a solution was rejected.
I would be grateful for any advice or opinion.


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September 14, 2019 - 5:41am

hi RomanSveshnikov ,

How are you inserting the image into the excel , are you uploading the excel with image as binary file ? or via any other approach ??