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Hi All,

We are using Pega Platform 7.3 and Pega Marketing 7.22, and we are running on 1 node only.

At times, our users will feed back to us that their campaign is running slow. Is there any way to see what are the processes, both front and back end, executing at that point of time? Currently, I can only scan 1 by 1 on what are the campaign that are executing for the front end. As for the back end, I can only check on the log files for any abnormality.

Please advise on a better way to monitor the system.



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September 16, 2019 - 6:38am

Let me start by saying that a single node system running Pega Marketing would unlikely perform well in terms of performance. This is due to the fact that Pega Marketing builds on the Pega Decision Hub, which does most of the heavy lifting through various decisioning services. You should study the user guide (yes it is a lot unfortunately): if not already. You can also benefit by learning some the decisioning concepts (e.g. Dataflow, VBD, etc): Browse through the sublinks there.

Finally Pega offers PDC for monitoring systems for free (not limited to Pega Marketing), you should check that out:

That is the goto tool for Pega internal staff to monitor the health of the monitored pega environments.

Best of luck!


September 16, 2019 - 10:44pm

Thanks for the pointer, Kevin.

However, my points are totally missed. I am not looking at how good/healthy is the system. I need to have to have a more inside view of what is happening in Pega, what process is taking up the resources, and how much resources is being taken up; just like the task manager in windows, it can tell you are what application is running, can how much resources, CPU and RAM is is using.


September 17, 2019 - 1:16am


In this case, I would suggest you to perform below two activities as part of initial investigation. 

1. Fetch the alert logs from application server and have a look into all the alerts. You can see all the activities which crossed the default threshold timings and then use the PEGA alert codes to fix the issues accordingly. 

2. On the other hand, I recommend you to install AES - Autonomic Event Services (separate node required). This will continuously monitor PEGA marketing node and capture all the exceptions/errors. You can also configure email alert depends on your requirement from the AES Manager portal.

FYI, AES will not help you to capture server/JVM level information. 

Link :-

All the Best !!! Kindly get back if you need more information around this.