Missing Product Builder Sample Data rulesets


We have installed Product Builder, Customer Service For Insurance and Pega Underwriting For insurance products in our environments.

We do need to analize and check whether our current existing insurance products fits appropiately into the ootb Pega Product Builder application. In order to make things easier for us to understand ootb Pega Product Builder data model, concepts and terms, etc ... it would be useful for us to see some product builder samples but unfornately we are missing in our Pega Product Builder installation the Product Builder Sample Data which it is suppossed to be installed as part of the Pega Underwriting for insurance or CSI framework packages as far as i know. I can see that SAISample:08-02 y PBISampleData:08-02 rulesets are missing in the ootb PEGA application PegaCSISample • 8.2 (I understand that the PBISampleData:08-02 ruleset contains the Product Builder sample data that we need).

The following rulesets SAISample:08-02 y PBISampleData:08-02 rulesets are suppossed to be in the PFISampleData.jar file.

Does anyone know where i can download these jar file or how to get the Product Builder Sample Data rulesets?



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