Migrating from WAS to JBoss

Greetings !!

We currently have our application hosted on Application Server - WebSphere - AIX 7.1 - Java 1.6.0 which is connected to Oracle 12c DB. We need to migrate our application from AIX to RedHat Linux (JBoss).

We want to find out if the new Pega Application server ( JBoss - RedHat Linux) can be pointed to the existing Oracle 12c DB which is already connected to the WebSphere.

If this is achievable, we will be in a state where we have 2 App servers (WAS and JBoss) connecting to the existing Database (Oracle 12c). Later stage, we will be able to disconnect WAS Server connecting to our Database.

Please let us know if this can be done and are there any things we should be considering before we proceed with this approach.

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February 12, 2019 - 4:04am

This should be possible. Just ensure your are running the supported JBOSS version. See the supported Platform Matrix:

Another thing to consider is that when migrating the application server, a new Node ID will be generated, you need to ensure your system is linked to the new Node ID, otherwise the search function and agents will not be functional as expected.