Message Popups Internet Explorer

I was using the Event Created for the message pop ups in Internet Explorer, I was able to handle the first 2 consecutive popups however, the 3rd consecutive doesn't trigger the effect. I checked the match rules in interrogation and the message box was highlighted. Any advice?

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October 15, 2019 - 5:51pm

I would check to see if the third pop-up appeared while the second or first was matched. If so, Runtime would be attached to the first one and therefore wouldn't attempt to match the third one. If that is the behavior, then you'd need to enable UseKeys on the control to be able to attach to multiple instances of it.

Using a tool like Spy++ to get the Window handle and then searching the log for that handle might help you determine when #3 appeared. You could then see if that was before #2 was destroyed. If #2 was destroyed beforehand, then you could still look in the logs to see if it attempted to match and if so, what match rule failed. Make sure you have set the LogLevel to Verbose for All Categories.

October 16, 2019 - 8:25am
Response to tsasnett

Hi thanks for the reply. The third pop up appears after the 2nd pop up was handled(clicked ok). I also checked the matching if the 2nd and 3rd pop ups were matched simultaneously but it is not. However, I tried a simple automation where the Event Created would just click ok button of the pop ups and it succeeded. I don't know if the complexity of the automation matters here because the 3rd popup does not even trigger the event created. Is this a bug or there is something in our code that prevents the 3rd popup from being matched? thanks

October 16, 2019 - 9:37am
Response to RiegoEdmondC

It is likely that something in your automation is the problem if you are seeing the control get created. Without seeing the code run and examining logs, I am afraid I don't have any more suggestions. I doubt there is a bug in matching as you have tested and it clearly works, so the answer lies in changing your automation.

If you'd like to get some hands-on help, you can open a support request. You can also attach your solution and perhaps I can see something you are doing wrong (or a screenshot of your automation).