Mash up.


we have a requirement, we are using CTI Software to integrated IVR and AVAYA, for capturing the IVR information to Avaya and we are using one Desktop application to capture the information from Avaya. we are giving my application URL to desktop integration team and that team is passing the URL along with the employee id in the header, once we are getting our application URL from external system along with the some parameters. the url is like URL:https://application url/employee ID=12345.

when that URL header Is pop up in the browser window, it automatically launch the application and display the respected employee data(employee search screen harness) in the other tab. we don't want use any services for this transition. we are giving the our application URL to external system. there passing the header along with the employee ID as I mention above.

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September 16, 2019 - 10:10am

Can you please explain more.  Is it that you do not want to show employee details in the url?