lost partition

(HazelcastPartitionLostListener) WARN - Node <[Node]:NNNN> indicated that partition <N> was lost. The lost backup count is <N>.

I see 10s and 100s of these warnings in Pega logs.

Also we are experiencing slowness in our environment.

Q) What does the warning above mean? Is it causing the slowness in our environment?


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May 10, 2019 - 11:50am

That may suggest a clustering issue, but if it's occurring around when nodes are being restarted that wouldn't necessarily indicate a problem.

I'd suggest entering an SR for it to be investigated in more depth.

May 13, 2019 - 4:12am


Please let us know the SR# in case you create one so that we can tag the 2 items for better troubleshooting and tracking. Do mention the URL to this post while creating the SR.


Lochana | Community Moderator | Pegasystems Inc.