Logging to Microsoft application insights

Hi, we are trying to post logs to Microsoft application insights by adding custom appender. Application server(IBM Websphere with ear deployment) starts fine with an error - ClassNotFound on appender class. We tried below approaches to load classes (.jar file).

  • Created shared library and associated with application(ear) level and module level(prweb war)
  • Created custom class loader for the server and mapping it to a local jar file
  • Loading jar into pega db through import
  • Placing the jar in in APP-INF/lib and updating manifest file.

I have verified that the jar file shows up in "Class loader view" of admin console. I have attached the systemerr.log.

I am wondering if this is the right way to implement custom appenders (apart from those shipped with pega or apache log4j), if not what is the right way ?

I appreciate the responses.

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