Localized Value in Email Correspondence with multilingual Paragraph

Hi, we have a requirement of sending an email that has both English and French body content in two separate paragraphs one after another. The body of the email has some property references like pyStatusWork which we supposed to get the localized value. ( English and French both). We have included the property with "pxLocalizedText" control that's putting the only English Description of the pyStatusWork in both English and French paragraph (since the browser locale was set to English). Any suggestion about how we can get the French localized value when browser locale is set to English?


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November 3, 2019 - 8:43pm


I do think you can circumstance the rule and create a English and French version of them.

After this you can run which ever rule is your requirement here. 

Thank You

November 4, 2019 - 11:13pm
Response to Shekhar_Shubham

HI, as I said we need to include both the English and French versions of the email to a single email body. Now the localized value is pulled from DB using the OOTB control GetLocalizedValue use the browser locale to determine which language-specific localized text. So, for any agent working in English browser when triggers an email, how do we construct the email body where we need to put both english and french value.