Lift & Shift Approach for Upgrade Pega 7.2.2 to Pega 8.2

Hi All,

Wanted to check if lift and shift approach is still valid for Pega 8 upgrade. Here is the step which I wanted to check if that will work for Upgrade.

1. Upgrade your Development Environment with maybe Out of Place Double migration approach (For example).
2. Take dump of upgraded PegaRULES from DEV.
2. Copy the dump of PegaRULES 8.x to each of the higher environments (TEST, UAT, Pre-Production).
4. Clone the PegaData schema from existing environment.
5. Run –dataOnly true to upgrade the Pegadata 7.2.2 to PegaDATA 8.x for each higher environment.

Thanks in advance for your valuable thoughts on this.


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July 18, 2019 - 8:34am

Hi Satyendra,

In many instances our users were tried with –dataOnly is equal to true and the upgrade process also done without any issues however in few instances they got into some issue the below is one scenario. As long as –dataOnly option exist in the upgrade process, It is valid for 8x.

July 18, 2019 - 9:33am
Response to ramau

Hi Uday,

     Thanks for your valuable comment. My confusion is actually at Migration time.

1.  As per upgrade guide when we are updating  to migrate current rules schema to temporary upgrade schema we are providing both schemas of current system.

# Connection Information 
pega.source.jdbc.driver.jar=full path/DRIVER.jar 
pega.source.jdbc.driver.class=database driver class 
pega.source.database.type=database vendor type 
pega.source.jdbc.url=URL of database
pega.source.jdbc.username=Deployment user name 
pega.source.rules.schema=original rules schema name data schema name 

 2. Now after Migration complete, we have to run the to upgrade temporary upgrade schema. 

Confusion :

  • Why at time of Migration it requires original Data Schema as well?
  • When we run does it need something from Pegadata schema?          

July 18, 2019 - 10:52am

The first pass of the migrate script is cloning the rules tables plus the pr_data_admin table which is in the data schema to the new rules schema.  The pr_data_admin table is needed for the rules schema upgrade.

#Set to true if migrating before an upgrade. If true admin table(s) required
#for an upgrade will be migrated with the rules tables.

July 18, 2019 - 11:11am

Hi Celeste,

    Thanks for your reply. So it means we can go for Lift & Shift approach to upgrade from Pega 7.2.2 to Pega 8.2 Safely?

Just we have to configure the target server after upgrade accordingly.