Layout that can be set in Harness work area(inner harness)


Use Pega Platform 7.4. I want to set Harness in the Work Area and use the Header Left layout. (The reason is to use "user resizable" to resize it.)

However, if you check the Harness Usage Workarea (internal harness) in the Harness Rule setting, you can not select the Header Left layout.

Currently, I tried to replace it with Section Column Layout in Section, but the user wants to be able to resize the left and right screens according to the situation.



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July 18, 2019 - 9:17am

Header Left layout is not supported in 7.4 for work area harness .
We have given support to Header left and right in work area harness from 8.1 version.
Alternative work around is to use Column Layout  with any custom css according to their usage.