Kafka Configuration Instance Error

While creating the Kafka configuration instance, we are getting following error:
Error connecting to Kafka. Failed to construct kafka consumer. java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: No serviceName defined in either JAAS or Kafka config. No serviceName defined in either JAAS or Kafka config

Pega and Kafka Cluster running in different servers with firewall open for ports in each server. We are using kerberos authentication.

Performed the following in Pega server -

1. Added KafkaClient in wsjass.conf
KafkaClient { required

2. Placed wsjass.conf in Pega server in location /usr/WebSphere9/AppServer/profiles/Node01/properties/wsjaas.conf

3. Passed JAAS file location as a JVM parameter in Pega - = /usr/WebSphere9/AppServer/profiles/Node01/properties/wsjaas.conf

Please let me know what else must be done or if any corrections to be made.


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