java.lang.RuntimeException: caught exception while expanding property pyXMLRootNode on page

Whenever a particular work object is opened and switch between tabs, i see Cannot render section error.

Nothing found in tracer.

Log :<CR>Caused by: InvalidParameter property .pyXMLRootNode was expected to have a List or Page mode, but attributes are @Z:J?N: aAttr, String, char, StorageStream, List)<CR> at<CR> at<CR> ... 64 more<CR>]*


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June 5, 2019 - 8:59am

Hi RekhaB83,

I have faced similar issue when my section was reffering to the rules which are not available.

This issue generally happens when we Save As a section from one class to the other and do not check for other rules like when rules it is referring or any other subsections.


Thank you.


June 27, 2019 - 6:23am
Response to RakeshBurbure

I have not saved any new section in this case. And issue is intermittent as it's not occurring for all the cases. I just noticed that .pxFlow(StartFlow).pyFlowParameters has some issue. When I tried Actions > show XML from Clipboard on that page ,it gives me the same error. I compared page values with the cases which are good. This page had a property pyXMLRootNode whereas it's missing in error cases.