Java version 11 support for PRPC 7.4

Hi Folks,

We are running Pega 7.4 version on Tomcat 9 with Java 1.8.221.

I would like to upgraded the Java to version 11.0.4 since it has got 1.5 yrs more LTS support than Java 8.

I searched for the support matrix here and it didn't mention about Java 11 support.

Can someone confirm if Java 11 is supported for Pega 7.4 and is the document is up to date.

Thank you!


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August 29, 2019 - 6:57am

Not at the moment. We do plan to support Java 11 in our Pega 8.x releases: If this is something you really want official Pega support, contact your account manager to request through Pega product management.