Java PopUp Dialog, Won't Close

Pega Robotics Studio 8.0 SP1

I am using a program built in Java. I have interrogated all fields and for the most part all seem to run as expected, with the exception of two issues:

Issue 1:
After entering an account number, I have to hit the search button or press the enter key. Even though the button is matched, it's a hit or miss as to if Pega will actually trigger the "Search". I have tried both the perform click option and sending the {ENTER} key. Neither approach has a 100% success rate.

Issue 2:
After entering the account number and clicking search, if it is an account that is closed, I get a popup dialog within the program that tells me "this account is closed". Before the automation can proceed, the dialog must be closed.

Pega only closes the dialog about 80 percent of the time. I have tried several different approaches to close it:
On create, Close
Wait for create
For Loop, Is created (and many others)
I've also tried changing the match rule to only look for part of the first or last word in the dialog box.

All these approaches work, but still only about 80 percent of the time. When I step through the automation, the dialog will be present on the screen, but will report false even though it exists. This causes a timeout because it can't proceed to the next step until the dialog closes.

I suspect that the back end match rules are changing with each additional popup, but the text is always the same. Some times it will close 3 or 4 dialog's before it has an issue.

Can someone help me, account and deal with each and every popup dialog?

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October 18, 2019 - 3:45pm

Without actually getting hands-on with your application, I can only offer advice.

Issue 1: If PerformClick does work, then I would use that and investigate what was matching when it failed. If your matching is not correct, you may be attached to another control and are actually clicking that. You can use Verbose RuntimeLogs and a tool like Spy++ to get the window handle of specific controls. You could then compare that to what is attached to in the logs and I would suspect they are different.

Issue 2: It does indeed sound like a matching issue. The symptoms you described sound like you may be attached to another control. The only real way to tell is too use something like Spy++ to get the handle of the window and then see if that is the one Pega Robotics is attached to in the logs (set All Categories to Verbose). Java does tend to re-use windows a lot, so you may still be attached to a prior one.

You might try performing a Rematch on the Form before you close it to see if you detach from a prior one and attach to the current one.