Issue in JSON Data transform - Input (Object with embedded Pagelist)

W've a Service-REST rule configured which has to sent JSON response. To achieve this we can make use of Map from = "JSON" and Map from key ="Clipboard property (Say some page).

But with this configuration we've to create properties to meet JSON standards i.e camelCase which is not as per Pega Standards.

So to achieve this functionality we've implemented a JSON Data transform which can map either side(JSON to clipbaord and Clipboard to JSON) based on Params passed. But the problem here is that if the Input is an object (with Properties+ additional embedded Pagelist inside it). as a Output from JSON DT i'm getting only the (Properties+1st page as part of pagelist).

Assume JSON Reponse should be













Configuration of JSON DT :

Top Element Strucure =Object

1. Set .Country = countryName

2. Update Page .StateList (an array of objects) = statesList

set .State = stateName

set .Capital = capitalName

Any suggestions /idea how to implement this ?

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August 24, 2019 - 9:28am

Could you please provide the screenshot of the JSON Data transform that you have created to map the above JSON.



September 14, 2019 - 8:56am

Hi ,

Please use the Auto-Mapping in order to map the fields. Exclude the properties which are not needed in the response json.