Issue in getting html table in RTE

Hi All,

Iam trying to get the HTML content in rich text editor for which i created html rule and done the property-set-html to set the html stream to a property and doing a show-property method and calling the activity in javascript to set the content in RTE on click of plugin i added.

But all i can see in the RTE is all tags i added to html rule,that is it basically rendering the whole html code into RTE rather then showing the content in html table format .

One thing i observed is when i click on the source button on RTE ,the code appears with in <pega:reference name=" > tag and if remove this tag the content got rendered into proper html format that is in the expected format as you can see in attached snapshot.

Please find snapshots i attached for further reference.

Please help me fix this issue.

Thank you ,

Abdul Sofiyaan.


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November 19, 2019 - 8:25am
Response to rakss

Hi rakss,

Thank you for the reply,

The thread you shared in that they are suggesting to use RichTextDisplay control rather then RichTextEditor, but my requirement is to get the table into RTE since it also involves editing/adding the content.

Can you please suggest me other way i can achieve this,

Thank You,

Abdul Sofiyaan.

November 20, 2019 - 4:20pm

Hi Abdul

What is your motivation for showing a table inside RTE? I am trying to understand your motive to see if there are alternative approaches you could take. 



December 6, 2019 - 4:21am
Response to mahab_GCS

Hi mahab,

Sorry for late reply,i got busy in other task.

The motive for showing table to RTE was to enable "As a user he should be able to include dynamic page list into RTE"  so to show the columns(page list properties) as heading in table.

Later at generation time(during generating document/pdf) we will append the rows dynamically based on page list.

Please help me with your views and ideas on it, we are now much concerned with generation time since for design time we already have OOTB table plugin in RTE,so we just need to take care of appending the list into table as rows.

Please find attachment,where as a user i have selected the table and columns,so at generation time we have to append the rows dynamically based on pagelist.

Thank You,

Abdul Sofiyaan.