Invoke Pega IVA from Flow or Activity Rule

Hi Team,

As part of our Application Enhancement I need to Invoke an IVA which is not tied up to any Channel.

Basically we have work object where CSR will respond to an Inquiry by the Customer, through this WO. This WO will be created in PEGA Application through JMS Integration where some legacy system sends this to PEGA Application. The Idea of Using IVA is to Assist our CSR in responding the Inquiry through our WO by presenting top 10 Previous responses for the similar inquiry. All the training data for the IVA is ready and we just need how we can configure or Invoke IVA in our flow rule.

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August 29, 2019 - 6:36am

Srinivas, you can use Interaction API for this usecase. See this article for more details -