InvalidReferenceException on deleted Property


I have created a Property Y in A-B-Data class and this class is used in page definition of work class page property X ( work class C-D-Work). Then the property mapped as external mapping in work class

and used in Reporting as .X.Y as column source , later on came to know that we did not use that property any more so i have deleted the property and deleted from report definition ( removed the column) and removed from external mapping of class ( work class) .

Then when am loading the report in dashboard (Grid source as RD Grid Load dynamically)data is not showing , but when i run report definition i am getting the data .

Clipboard Exception shows

  • InvalidReferenceException .X.Y Property 'Y' does not exist on class 'A-B-Data'


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August 21, 2019 - 4:30pm

Can you check-out that RD and try to save it?

If that RD still got any reference to that delete property, it should indicate that reference in the error message.

Also, if that RD got any sub-report, please check it in there too.