INteraction History Tables Usage

I am new to Pega, so apologies if mine is a basic question !

We are setting up Pega in our environment and we understand the 9 interaction history tables(1 fact and multiple dimension tables in a star schema) are used for decisioning.

I translated it as, " when I login to my web portal and browse something, these 10 Pega tables are quickly queried to give me recommendations based on my browsing"

I would like to understand if that is all the case. The IH tables are simple Oracle tables and the queries would take longer and longer if my customer base increases.

Also, I would like to use the IH tables for my analytics too but do not want to impact performance to my customers.

Are there other tables that can be used for analysis - that are more aggregated/summarized?

How does Pega manage querying the database for each logged in customer (Surely, it is not a full table scan of the IH tables !!! )


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June 9, 2019 - 7:21pm


Hi Smitha,

Your understanding is not correct here.

These IH tables are updated when an interaction happens between user of Product with customer.

For example, telecom company interacting with its customer.

To understand Decisioning, kindly go through 

1)- Pega academy course for Decisioning here:

2 PDN here:


June 10, 2019 - 12:39am

Hello Smitha,


You can review your PegaAlert logs to identify if there are any issues while interacting with the IH.

You need to look for the following alerts in order to locate them:

PEGA0058 - Interaction History read time above threshold DSM IH Read Time
PEGA0059 - Interaction History write time above threshold DSM IH Write Time
PEGA0060 - Number of Interaction History rows read above threshold DSM IH Read Row
PEGA0061 - Number of Interaction History rows written above threshold DSM IH Write Row

Let us know if this helps!


Thank you,