Integrating Pega Agile Studio with Designer Studio (Agile Workbench)

I have recently integrated Agile Studio with Designer Studio or Agile workbench.

There are good PDN posts already related to this, I just wanted to highlight few pointers.

1. Agile Studio and Designer Studio can be on same node or can be different installations. My integration is about two independent instances.

2. On Agile Studio, get familiar with the operators available and Service Package and Service Rest rules.

Service Package - api

Service Access Group: AgileStudio:SysAdmin

Service Rest URI for authentication: api • v1 • asauthenticate

Operator ID for REST Integration: AS_RESTOper (Update or get the password)

3. Create initial product and release on Agile Studio.

You can login as SrProjectManager and create your initial Product and release.

4. Come back to your designer studio or Agile workbench.

5. Few important rules that would matter here.

Authentication Profile for Agile Studio : "PM_AgileStudio_AuthProfile"

Please verify the operator id and password on this,

6. Open your application rule and make sure the following steps are followed.



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