Integrate Dialogflow with Pega

Hi All,

In Recent version of pega we can have Google DialogFlow as a NLP tool in Conversational channels which helps in doing text extraction and analysis.

But what we are implementing is , we are building the conversational flow in DialogFlow, there we have an option called "Webhooks" which can integrate with other API's. There i have given my REST Service (to create a case).

Now the problem is every time the bot tries to connect with pega i get error message "Webhook call failed. Error: Request timeout."

Meaning it doesn't hit my service, so i am not able to see anything in logs which can help me debug it.

Need someones help on figuring out the issue. But the service works fine when i run stand alone.

1) Can DialogFlow interact with Pega?

2) Do i need to make any changes from Pega end ?

If some one who has worked on this can help me out..


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June 7, 2019 - 3:02pm

Hi i am facing another issue , using Dialog flow in a chatbot the replies coming from Dialog box is not shown here on screen, as actions are not mentioned for the dialog box replies, though proper responses are captured in tracer.

Can you please suggest.