IndexInPageList and Current Index from an embedded Pagelist

Please see the ClipBoard structure of my WorkObject. I have BudgetYear as a pagelist and a COPS pagelist embedded on it.

(Each Budget is represented in a section as a Dynamic Layout in my UI and Each COPS pagelist is a TAB Repeat Dynamic Layout embedded on the Budget Section.)

My requirement is this.

When I am on the second budget year i.e on the Second TAB of my UI, I see a single COPS Pagelist. I want to add a new COPS(2) pagelist and copy values from COPS(1) to COPS(2).

Can someone show me how to do this i.e get the index of BudgetYear(2) when my context is BudgetYear(2).COPS(1)

I tried following this thread - - but no help as I am not looping through my pagelist.

I have an ADD/COPY button on my 'BudgetYear(2).COPS(1)' TAB of my section and I am calling a Data Transform to create a NEW COPS(2) and then copy properties on COPS(1) to COPS(2). The DT needs the current CONTEXT.

At the time of execution the DT needs to my CURRENT YEAR Context (in my case Second Year) and my Current COPS count (in my case First one).

Can someone show me how to accomplish this?

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September 17, 2019 - 1:21pm


I haven't tried this myself, but the below post has some information that seems like it could be useful:

Hope this helps!