IH Data Migration from 7.3.1 to 8.1.2

We have a plan to move IH data from 7.3 environment to the 8.1 environment as part of the data migration plan for thhis project.

Hence, we would like to know the the answers to the following question:

Are there any changes in the structure of the table mapped to the the child classes for Data-Decision-IH- in 8.1 as compared to 7.3? The list is below

Class name Table name
Data-Decision-IH-Fact PR_DATA_IH_FACT
Data-Decision-IH-Dimension-Channel PR_DATA_IH_DIM_CHANNEL
Data-Decision-IH-Dimension-Action PR_DATA_IH_DIM_ACTION
Data-Decision-IH-Dimension-Outcome PR_DATA_IH_DIM_OUTCOME
Data-Decision-IH-Dimension-Customer PR_DATA_IH_DIM_CUSTOMER
Data-Decision-IH-Dimension-Journey PR_DATA_IH_DIM_JOURNEY
Data-Decision-IH-Dimension-Context PR_DATA_IH_DIM_CONTEXT
Data-Decision-IH-Association PR_DATA_IH_ASSOCIATION
Data-Decision-IH-Dimension-Operator PR_DATA_IH_DIM_OPERATOR
Data-Decision-IH-Dimension-Location PR_DATA_IH_DIM_LOCATION
Data-Decision-IH-Dimension-Application PR_DATA_IH_DIM_APPLICATION




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September 11, 2019 - 7:58am

Hi Team,

As per my analysis I could see for one of the PR_DATA_IH_FACT has one column change pztenantid like that we have few changes to the table structure if you want to more information you can compare the columns and their data types on both the versions and draw some conclusions.