I want to see the clipboard class used in the below Java code.

I have installed Pega PRPC Version 8 in my windows 10 machine. Could somebody please tell me where can i find the ClipboardProperty class of Pega, so that i can understand the below piece of Java code used in the pzPopulateApproversList Activity.

Could anyone please help me on this? Attached the screenshot with the folders created after installing Pega PRPC Version 8. Could anyone please let me know in which path i can find the Jar file that has ClipboardProperty class of Pega?

Code snippet :

String approvalListName = tools.getParamValue("ApproverListPage");

String approverNameProperty = tools.getParamValue("ApproverNameProperty");

ClipboardPage cpFlowPage = null;

ClipboardProperty flowApproversList = null;

ClipboardProperty holderList = myStepPage.getProperty(approvalListName);

if(holderList != null)


String flowName = tools.getParamValue("flowName");

ClipboardProperty cpFlow = myStepPage.getProperty("pxFlow("+flowName+")");

if(cpFlow != null){

cpFlowPage = cpFlow.getPageValue();

Iterator it = null;

it = holderList.iterator();


ClipboardPage TempPage = ((ClipboardProperty);

String approverName = TempPage.getString(approverNameProperty);

ClipboardProperty prop = cpFlowPage.getProperty("pyApproversList(<APPEND>)");





ClipboardPage TempPage1 = ((ClipboardProperty);

String approverName1 = TempPage1.getString(approverNameProperty);

prop = cpFlowPage.getProperty("pyApproversList(<APPEND>)");

prop.getProperty(".pyApproverName").setValue(approverName1); }






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September 30, 2019 - 2:29pm

Hi Dinesh, is the fully qualified class name, Jar file name can be identified from pr_engine class table.