Huge incremental backups

Dear Community,

We are using Netbackup as our production backup solution with full backup once per week (Sunday) and daily incremental backups.
Our problems is that the full back up is 2.8Tb and the incremental backup is 2.4Tb.

While we expect that the full backup to be 2.8Tb, the incremental backup should not be over 50Gb in size.

During our investigation we have found that a large part (80%) of the database is update on a daily basis which leads to the huge incremental backups.

We do not find this behaviour to be normal as very few tables should be updated on a daily basis and need to find out which Pega operation/process is doing these updates.

Hence we are seeking your assistance in determining WHICH Pega operation/process.

Attached you'll find the tables which are updated being updated and flagged for inceremental backup.

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April 15, 2019 - 11:55pm


I don't think any of these tables are Pega OOTB tables.

Kindly seek more insights on the table from your DBA to understand what kind of records are being stored in them.


Thank you,