HTTP POST Optimisation

Hi, I am fairly new to Pega so I apologise if there is already information related to my questions; I searched but did not find an answer.

I have noticed a few things in our Pega application that I an concerned about:

1) there are often duplicate key-value pairs in the same HTTP POST. I see this in checkboxes for instance something like:


Is this normal behaviour? If not is there a way to stop it?

2) I see some forms being posted in separate POSTs multiple times when there is an interaction (curiously 3 or 6 times in cases). What would cause this? Is it normal? If not can we fix it?

3) When there is an interaction and a POST is submitted then there can be many key/value pairs submitted when there is no value in the key/value to update. Is it necessary to send so many keys with no values to the server? Is there a way to only key/value pairs where there is a change to update in from the client to the server?


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December 3, 2019 - 9:10am

Just to be clear in 2) these appear to be duplicated POSTs all of them the same.