How to use three.js in Pega 7.4 ?

Hi All,

Every time Pega releases a new version they show the different new things that have been introduced in the version in an area on the screen titles "What's new in 7.x". What is interesting is that they always have an innovative background to accompany the text. In some of the 7.x versions there were css animations, and in the 7.4 version Pega has included its own version of three.js.

I checked some of the non auto generated sections and it seems the library itself is in a javascript file called pzpega-threeJS.js.

It would be great if we could improve on the UI using the capabilities of this library. Does anyone know if there are any notes or guides for Pega's use of three.js ?



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November 9, 2018 - 11:55am

ThreeJS is an open source library used to render 3D model using WebGL - see 

you can use this library if you want to show advanced visualization. Note that we have seen several issues with the what's new widget in 7.4 because some users do not have hardware acceleration turned ON. Using WebGL rendering caused the browser to use a lot of CPU. You need to be aware of the constraint and potential performance issues with running this type of library.

For Pega 8.1 we have changed the what's new widget to only use SVG and CSS animations.