How to use a picture from the content library in an email (Pega Marketing)

Hello Team !

We are currently working on the version 8.2 of Pega Marketing and we wanted to know how can we use the pictures from our content Library in an email or to modify a template.

The only way we found to do this so far is to modify an already existing picture or use Html code.

Is there another way to do so ?

We are trying to make it usable for People from our Marketing team and so far it isn't what we could call "User Friendly".

Thank you for your answer.

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April 24, 2019 - 8:32am


You will need to configure a content repository (such as Amazon S3 or Adobe AEM) which will hold the image files and is publicly available through a URL.  You then need to configure Pega Marketing to connect to this content repository (see page 33 of the Pega Marketing Implementation Guide ).

Once this is configured, in the email treatment screen, adding an image will present the content picker which will display image files from the configured repository location.


I hope this helps.