How to trigger custom security checklist repeatedly?

Hi All,

I am using Pega DevOps v4.4 (Pega v8.1.4). I am trying to explore Pega's "security checklist" feature which can be configured as one of the tasks in the pipeline.

As per my understanding, once I configure a security checklist (application guide) for my application with a portal as in the below attached screenshot, the build is put on hold waiting for the user to complete all the tasks configured in the application guide. Once the user completes the tasks in the corresponding environment's portal, a work-object of class "Pega-Application-Guide-Work" is created.

Now, the client requirement is to enforce the user to go through the checklist for each build that is passed through the environment in the pipeline. How to achieve this?

I see that after a checklist is updated in an environment (thus showing "X out of X tasks completed), any build triggered further is triggering the security checklist step but moving ahead in the pipeline without anybody going through the checklist again as the security status shows all tasks already completed.

Can somebody guide me how to approach to achieve this requirement? Thanks a lot in advance.

Note: I want to retain the work-object created in the environment as it will give me audit proof of as to who updated the checklist and when.


Giridhar Metikal


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August 15, 2019 - 5:09pm

Currently the a new Application Security checklist needs to be filled out for every new version of the application, even for patch versions. Therefore if the application follows the recommended application versioning practices, a new security checklist will be generated for every new version to be deployed in that environment. 

August 16, 2019 - 1:29am
Response to Linoy Alexander

Hi Linoy,

We're following product based packaging as per client's requirement. As a result, for each build, we'll create one or more RSVs, package in the product and deploy the product without making any changes to the application (including application version). Your approach would make sense for sprint or release deployments but for daily deployments as well, client is expecting the same. 

Anyways, thanks for your inputs. Let me know if you can help in our scenario.

Thanks a lot in advance.


Giridhar Metikal

August 16, 2019 - 10:52am
Response to Giridhar_Metikal

As of now, there is no simple way to "reset" the task approvals in a Security Checklist as you are requesting.  I suppose you could write a custom activity that would modify the rule instance and do this.  Otherwise, an enhancement request should be submitted and directed to the Case Management team that owns the Guideline rule type which the checklist uses.