How to show total count on default launch or changing the filter in data page

We have a data page reading from report definition that is the source of a table.

We would like to show the total count available on initial load or when user apply filters on the table. Do we have any way to find total count of records when we apply filters ??

Current behavior:

Currently we are relying on the property pxResultCount but unfortunately it doesn't get updated when the user applies a filter. We are not using the property pxTotalResultCount as it is always set to 0. I have edited the report definition called by the data page --> Report Viewer Paging Settings--> I set the Page mode to 'Previous and Next' but the value of pxTotalResultCount remained 0.

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November 20, 2019 - 5:04pm

There is an option to not retrieve the total result count that forces "Next/Previous" paging mode for report definitions (this is done for performance reasons, getting the total result count for large tables can be a very expensive operation particularly when filters are applied, it invariably involves a full table scan).

I don't know that selecting "Next/Previous" automatically does not retrieve the total result count. For RDs feeding data pages it may set this option automatically. But setting one of the other paging modes (e.g., "page 1 of X") forces the system to retrieve the total result count, so that the paging control can display an accurate number of total pages.

Try setting one of the other paging modes, and see if the total result count is populated.